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As supplied to the finest locomotive manufacturers & fettlers - including  Roundhouse Engineering,  Peter Angus,          Mike Lax,  DJB Engineering,  Tag Gorton,  John Brittian,   ELR Engineering,  David Bailey,  John Campbell,  Eddie Bull  & others


We manufacture storage/carrying cases for 16mm/G scale, Gauge 1, Gauge 3 & other scales/gauges.  

 Here, you'll find a box of the correct dimensions to store & carry or transport your loco. If one of our standard boxes isn't the correct length for your loco, we'll make one to the length you want!

New for 2015 !!

We now make & supply 'Hog Hill Works' rolling roads in various gauges for live steam & insulated running, more details via the menu on the left of the page.


Loco display plinths
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Stand out from the crowd & add chrome nameplate holders & handle anti-scratch plates to your box


The origins of the business were started by a personal need to store & transport our own 16mm scale locomotives. Looking around, we could find nothing suitable for our needs, so decided to make our own - to suit our requirements.

By trial & error, we developed a carry/storage box design that housed the loco's all the time, made it easy to get them into & out of the box & above all, a system that didn't involve our engines rattling around in a box that was the wrong size for them!

For the larger locos (or any size if you desire) we manufacture 'cradles' that the locos run straight into from the track. The cradle is then lifted directly into the box. This system is particulary useful for long & permanantly coupled tender engines, although the design was developed for use with Garratt locomotives - anyone who has tried to pick a hot one of these up will know just why we did it!


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All our boxes, cradles, plinths & rolling roads are built in England, the gas we sell is made & bottled in England, our coal is mined in England or Wales.


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