"Can you make a box this size?"


Boxes can be made for any length at all!!



All top opening boxes come in a standard width of 150mm although we can reduce the width if required.

We also offer three different heights - 150mm, 170mm & 200mm.

Please note that all measurements are of the inside of the box.

You just tell us the size you require & we'll make you the box for your loco!





All 16mm/G scale end opening boxes come in the same dimension options as the top opening boxes.

The boxes in the photo have been manufactured for 45mm gauge as obviously a wheel holding strip is essential to keep the loco away from the side of the box. Any gauge is available.



These boxes can be made any length & any width from 150mm or narrower. 

Like the top opening boxes, they come in three different heights - 150mm, 170mm & 200mm


**The specials department**

Other sizes made to your own dimensions are available, please email us with your required sizes for a price quote.