Do you make boxes for Gauge 1 ?

We've been making boxes for the 16mm & G scales for a long time now, but have had requests for boxes suitable for Gauge 1.


These come as standard with a 100mm internal width & 150mm internal height. Your loco enters the box through the end access which is hinged at the bottom & fastened at the top. The floor of the box has a wheel holding strip designed to keep your loco from touching the sides. 


 The box above has been made for a '9F' type locomotive. 

As with all our boxes, they have a stained finish & are complete with a carrying handle, hinge & catch.


 As an option, we offer stacking strips fitted to the top of the box so more boxes can be placed on top & remain level.



Box prices:

£40 for boxes up to 250mm in inside length

£45 for boxes from 251mm to 450mm in inside length

£50 for boxes from 451mm to 650mm in inside length

£55 for boxes from 651mm to 850mm in inside length

Over 850mm please ask for a quote


Please add £6 if you require the 'stacking' strips on the top of your box.

Please add £4 if you require a nameplate holder fixed to your box.

Please add £4 if you require an anti scratch plate fitted under your box handle.




**The specials department**

Other sizes made to your own dimensions are available, please email us with your required sizes for a price quote.


 Please note that the above prices do not include postage, but we are happy to quote you for that.