Cradles to hold your loco! 

These loco cradles are made to fit your 16mm/G scale box (150mm wide). they'll hold your loco straight from the box to your track without you needing to handle it. 


 The cradle & box shown in the photo have been designed for a Roundhouse SR&RL 24.  


If you've a long or bendy (Garratt type) loco, they are especially usefull! However, they are very helpful for any size loco.  


 Made from Aluminium, they are light yet strong. All cradles have a wheel holding strip in the centre.


We now offer the option of an 'end stop' at one end of the cradle, stops the loco rolling straight through.

There's also the option of a one piece handle ( both are shown in the photo above). By using this combination, you can lift your cradle with just one hand.



Cradle prices:

£25 for cradles up to 250mm in length

£30 for cradles from 251mm to 450mm in length

£35 for cradles from 451mm to 650mm in length

£40 for cradles over 651mm to 850mm in length

Over 850mm, please ask for a quote


Please add £1 for a 'end stop' & £5 for a one piece handle.


We are happy to dispatch cradles without loco boxes through the postal/courier system, but they will be sent in one of our 'packing crates' for protection. The packing crates are £10.