Do you sell gas & coal?


We sell Butane & Butane/Propane mix gas at all the shows we attend.

The Butane cans hold 277g/482ml & the Butane/Propane cans hold 350g/631ml.

Both types of can have are fitted with the standard type EN417 threaded self sealing valve & will fit the adaptors that are used by live steam operators. 

We also now sell the gas can adaptors. 



Butane Gas - £3:20 a can or £35 for a box of 12

 Gas can adaptors £13

Butane/Propane mix - £3:75 a can or £41 for a box of 12



Welsh antracite coal - £1 a bag


If you wish to reserve gas or coal before a show, please contact us & we'll keep it aside for you.