Bespoke Locomotive Storage Cases

0 gauge, 16mm/G scale, Gauge 1, Gauge 3 & other scales/gauges

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

Built in England

Competitive Prices

35 years Of Experience

What we do

The origins of the business were started by a personal need to store & transport our own 16mm scale locomotives

Looking around, we could find nothing suitable for our needs, so decided to make our own – to suit our requirements.
By trial & error, we developed a carry/storage box design that housed the loco’s all the time, made it easy to get them into & out of the box & above all, a system that didn’t involve our engines rattling around in a box that was the wrong size for them!

For the larger locos (or any size if you desire) we manufacture ‘cradles’ that the locos run straight into from the track. The cradle is then lifted directly into the box. This system is particulary useful for long & permanantly coupled tender engines, although the design was developed for use with Garratt locomotives – anyone who has tried to pick a hot one of these up will know just why we did it!

Our Boxes

Here, you’ll find a box of the correct dimensions to store & carry or transport your loco. If one of our standard boxes isn’t the correct length for your loco, we’ll make you one the length you need! We manufacture storage/carrying cases for 0 gauge, 16mm/G scale, Gauge 1, Gauge 3 & other scales/gauges.

Built in England

All our boxes, cradles, plinths & rolling roads are built in England, the gas we sell is made & canned in England, our coal is mined in England or Wales. Roundhouse Engineering locomotives & products are built in England

Years Of Experience

Rolling Roads Built

Custom Built Boxes

Roundhouse Locos

What we supply

Boxes, Cradles, Plinths, Rolling Roads, Locomotives, Custom Builds, & More

Box Stock

We have managed to build up our stock of boxes & currently have many different sizes available – off the shelf & ready for next day delivery to most destinations in the UK. Made to order, bespoke boxes are still available as always – so whatever size box you need, we can supply it.


We are a ‘Roundhouse Engineering’ approved dealer & supply the complete range of locos that are produced by Roundhouse. We also stock many of the lineside accessories & enhancements too. New stock is always arriving & is added regularly so please take a look at our new ‘Roundhouse’ page for more details & great deals!

We Supply

As supplied to the finest locomotive manufacturers & fettlers – including Roundhouse Engineering, Peter Angus, Mike Lax, DJB Engineering, Tag Gorton, John Brittain, David Bailey, John Campbell, Eddie Bull, Mike Darby & others.

Loco Boxes Bespoke Products

  • Custom Boxes/Cases
  • Roundhouse
  • Locomotive Cradles
  • Hog Hill Works
Hog Hill Works Rolling Roads
Roundhouse Approved Dealer
Loco Display Plinths


Roundhouse NDM-6

We have a Roundhouse NDM-6 in stock, in maroon. This is available for immediate delivery (with free loco box) Radio controlled, £1252

G42 Garratt

G42 Garratt – The order book for this loco is now full

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